Our goal is to avoid litigation. Led by Tim Eskey and Jennifer Sylvia, we work hard to minimize legal liability and litigation exposure and, ultimately, to manage risk. If litigation is inevitable, we aggressively advocate on your behalf through all trial and appeals courts. We try to avoid prolonged and costly legal battles with alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration.

We defend the development rights of property owners at every stage, resolving disputes between buyers and sellers in breaches of purchase-and-sale and other contracts. Once construction is underway, we represent developers and contractors on issues concerning defective work, delays in completion, termination for faulty performance, mechanics’ liens, and payment and performance bonds.

We watch for unexpected environmental challenges at every turn and have dealt effectively with Brownfields properties. We work with state agencies and have represented several state agencies in construction contract negotiations, procurement issues, bid protests and litigation.

In addition, we represent private plaintiffs in discrimination and pay equity litigation; business owners in a vast array of issues, municipal tax appeals among other cases.

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