• Moses Ryan LTD successfully defended a demolition permit issued to the developer of the Farmers Market in Providence, Rhode Island. The State of Rhode Island sued the owner of the Farmers Market alleging breach of contract and tried to block demolition of the historic building on the property. Thomas Moses argued that DOT failed to identify a breach of any specific provision in any contract between the State and the owner. The State alleged that the developer failed to consult with DOT regarding changes to its development proposal. The Moses Ryan LTD attorneys argued that no such breach took place and that the complaint was filed prematurely. They noted that no prohibition on demolition was contained in the final agreements between the parties, and that, if either side wanted a particular provision in the final agreements, it should have negotiated for its inclusion. The judge, hearing the State’s request for injunctive relief, agreed with the attorneys for the developer and refused to revoke the demolition permit. The developer is currently developing this property as a mixed use hotel/office/retail project.
  • Under the leadership of Tom Moses, the firm was vital to the successful completion of a 17-acre Super Stop & Shop in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Tom first represented the owners in the lease, and the national grocer itself in the comprehensive planning stages. He effectively worked with the town to address particular challenges such as the treatment of an Indian burial ground and building-size limitations in this $50 million project.
  • On behalf of client One Ten Luxury Residences, Tom Moses represented the landowner and the developer. The firm’s real estate team created an innovative approach to demolishing two buildings in the heart of Providence’s downtown with strict limitations on demolition. Ultimately, the project took an underutilized piece of land and maximized its use.
  • The firm was successful in a Rhode Island Supreme Court decision on behalf of a New England health insurer that involved a personal property tax dispute with the City of Providence. The client recovered a six-figure amount in two reported decisions based on the Court’s conclusion that the City’s valuation did not reflect the fair market value.
  • The firm successfully represented a Providence landowner in a zoning dispute that had broad implications for the city of Providence in which the Downcity Review Commission’s ordinances were declared null and void. The Rhode Island Superior Court found the landowner should not be assessed fines and penalties for improper demolition of a gas station based on inadequacy of the zoning laws.
  • When the owner and developer of the newest, thirty-five-story building in downtown Providence sought multiple applications for permits, variances, and requests for relief from the Zoning Board of Providence, the firm successfully represented the developer on all counts. The proposed construction contained 390,000-square-feet over 35 floors resulting in a first floor market and cafe, six floors of parking and 130 residential condominium units.
  • The firm successfully defended a client security rights in Rhode Island Historic tax credits in a receivership, bringing the client from no recovery to complete recovery.

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